2015 Annual Dinner Highlights

Highlights of the 2015 Annual Dinner include the Minnesota’s Future Award, which is given to a high-poverty, high-achieving educational program, and the Minnesota Legacy Award, which honors a Minnesota company that exemplifies our business community’s “give back” ethos.


Health Care Scorecard

Minnesota’s Health Care Performance Scorecard objectively measures the state’s health using a set of 84 distinct data points, and compares it to all other states. The report provides a comprehensive, but accessible fact base, on the system’s performance to inform consumers, employers, decision-makers and opinion leaders.


What Business Means to Minnesota

For as long as Minnesota has been a state, our largest employers and their workers have recognized that building strong communities goes hand-in-hand with building strong companies. Find out more here.


 Blueprint for Reform

Our 2016 Blueprint for Reform contains principles and actionable proposals that we believe will maintain a high quality of life for all Minnesotans by ensuring that the state’s economy remains strong, globally competitive and its prospects for growth bright.



Business Leaders Urge Lawmakers to Address Transportation Needs, Tax Relief with Budget Surplus

Minneapolis – Minnesota Management & Budget (MMB) today released a fiscal forecast showing a projected state budget surplus of $900 million. Lawmakers will discuss how to use the surplus when the legislative session convenes March 8. “Today’s fiscal forecast showing a projected $900 million surplus provides lawmakers an opportunity to Continue Reading...

Charlie Weaver: Address racial academic disparities

Minnesota Business Partnership’s Charlie Weaver addresses the state’s academic disparities in a Pioneer Press commentary: “The link between education and an individual’s future economic success is indisputable. A 2011 Census Bureau study found that “education levels had more of an effect on earnings over a 40-year period than any other Continue Reading...