How Ecolab and other MBP companies are helping the state respond to Covid crisis

Twin Cities Business reports on Ecolab’s efforts to navigate the Covid-19 crisis, while helping the State of Minnesota secure the PPE it needs to keep front-line workers safe:

In addition to leading Ecolab during the Covid-19 crisis, Baker has been working with Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz and the Minnesota Business Partnership on joint efforts to battle the virus and its effects.

The Minnesota Business Partnership, which consists of top executives from the state’s largest employers, has been holding twice weekly conference calls to facilitate communication among its members. One of the weekly calls also involves dialogue among the business leaders and members of the Walz administration.

Charlie Weaver, Partnership executive director, enlisted Baker’s help to secure personal protective equipment (PPE) for health care workers and other key employees. Baker said he was drafted by Weaver after the governor’s staff contacted Weaver. “Literally the next day, I met with people on the governor’s staff to hear what the challenges were,” Baker recalls.

He asked Jill Wyant, Ecolab’s executive vice president and president of global regions, to help the administration source PPE. He also wrote a letter to other Partnership companies and asked for their assistance. Baker notes that Mayo Clinic, Donaldson, C.H. Robinson, 3M and Toro are among the Partnership members working with the state of Minnesota on securing personal protective equipment.

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