Press Release: House/Senate K-12 reform is a generation in the making

March 22, 2011
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House/Senate K-12 reform is a generation in the making

Minnesota students, parents and employers have good reason to be excited

Minneapolis, MN – Following today’s passage by the House Education Finance Committee of HF 934, the Omnibus K-12 Education bill, and yesterday’s introduction of the Senate’s Omnibus K-12 Education bill, Minnesota Business Partnership executive director Charlie Weaver had this to say:

“The sad reality is that – as Education Secretary Arne Duncan pointed out during his recent visit – Minnesota’s education system has fallen behind other state education systems that have embraced reform. The House and Senate education bills are an important step in the re-establishing Minnesota’s reputation as a leader in providing a world-class education for our children.

“Not since the business community worked with Governor Perpich to pass open enrollment and post-secondary enrollment option legislation have Minnesota employers had this much reason to be excited about the prospects for real education reform.

“It’s no secret what Minnesota needs to do to build a world-class K-12 education system that will allow our children to compete with the best in the world. We need to attract and retain top-talent to the teaching profession, improve school leadership capacity, make better use of data to improve performance and support innovation – the House and Senate bills include reforms that will make more, significant progress towards those objectives than any previous legislation.”