Statement from the Minnesota Business Partnership regarding early childhood education

Statement from Charlie Weaver, Executive Director of the Minnesota Business Partnership, regarding early childhood education:

“The Minnesota Business Partnership and its members have supported early education efforts for nearly a decade, helping to fund research, pilot programs, and advocate for policies that expand access for families in need. The Partnership has also been a leading advocate for expanding access to quality early education programs, and we worked alongside Governor Dayton to advance the Parent Aware rating system and related scholarships. This approach has been proven effective and is viewed as a national model for early childhood education.

“Early childhood research and experience overwhelmingly supports targeting resources to the children and families who need it most, and allowing those families to choose the program that works best for them. Universal pre-K is a rigid, one-size-fits-all approach that limits quality opportunities for those families. Additionally, it is an inefficient use of scarce state resources and creates financial and administrative burdens for local school districts.

“We look forward to working with legislative leaders and the governor to find a resolution that preserves effective early childhood programs and helps the children who need it the most.”

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