Minnesota Business Partnership releases first-ever Health Care Performance Scorecard

State ranks at or near the top for coverage, access, and quality of care, but cost remains major concern

Minneapolis – The Minnesota Business Partnership today released Minnesota’s Health Care Performance Scorecard, a report that objectively measures the state’s health using a set of 84 distinct data points, and compares it to all other states. The report provides a comprehensive, but accessible fact base, on the system’s performance to inform consumers, employers, decision-makers and opinion leaders. The report was produced by MBP’s Health Policy Committee, co-chaired by Mary Brainerd, President & CEO of HealthPartners, and Mike Fiterman, Chairman & CEO of Liberty Diversified International.

“This report confirms what many Minnesotans already believed: that our state’s health and health care system are among the nation’s finest,” said Brainerd. “It was important to identify the strengths that Minnesota can build upon, as well as identify the gaps and opportunities for improvement.”

The report is also helping to identify opportunities to curb the growth of health care costs. Costs continue to rise – both overall and on a per capita basis – straining the budget for families, employers, and the government. A number of private and public sector initiatives are currently being implemented to contain spending growth, but more needs to be done.

“Health care is in a period of transition and it is imperative that we know what we are doing well and what we can improve upon,” said Mike Fiterman, Chairman and CEO of Liberty Diversified International. “This report will help Minnesota pinpoint reform to address our states most pressing needs.”

The following is a summary of Minnesota’s health care system performance relative to those of other states across five dimensions of performance:

  • Coverage and access: #1 in the nation
  • Population health: #2 in the nation
  • Health care delivery: #4 in the nation
  • Health care cost: #22 in the nation
  • Status of health care reform efforts: # 5 in the nation
  • Overall ranking: #1 in the nation

Read the full scorecard and summary report.

Press contact: Jonathan Blake, 612-370-0840, jonathan.blake@mnbp.com

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The Minnesota Business Partnership is composed of more than 100 men and women representing a broad range of business interests, political perspectives and personal philosophies. As chief executives of Minnesota’s largest employers, however, they are united by the Partnership’s mission: Maintain a high quality of life for all Minnesotans by ensuring that the state’s economy remains strong, globally competitive, and its prospects for growth bright.